luchtfoto-theemswegtrace-havenbedrijf-rotterdam-danny-cornelissen-juni-2020 Credit: Danny Cornelissen

FPS has recently acquired two more container vessels “FPS Rijn” and “FPS Waal” to add to the inland shipping fleet and they join “FPS Maas” on the same transformational journey to become zero-emissions vessels.

“A very warm welcome to our two new ships. This development fits with our overall plan to convert as many vessels as we can to zero-emissions as soon as possible.”
Richard Klatten
Read more about the energy transition in the Rotterdam region.

Zero-emissions shipping is here

FPS is opening up zero-emission container slots and making zero-emissions shipping accessible to everyone. Cargo owners and shippers can book now to ship their cargo in zero-emissions container slots along the Rhine with FPS in 2023.  Zero means zero. You can assure your customers that their cargo will be shipped with zero-emissions when shipped with Future Proof Shipping. It’s time to “Get to Zero”!