Schip aan de kade - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Guido Pijper

On a sunny morning, the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community met with Roderick Post – owner and CEO of Post & Co – in his office with the most amazing view of the city and the port area.

All of it is important to Roderick and the company; if you look at the port, that is where the insurance covers are for, in the office buildings you will find his clients and business relations close by and at the same time, this is the city where Roderick clearly has a passion for.

He is active in multiple boards and charities, as he states “I can not sit still easily” and he wants to serve the city as well. Lastly, he was asked to become a member of the ‘klankbord'(red. sounding board) to the best major of the world, mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam. Roderick explains that being an entrepreneur in the city gives a special vibe, and that is nice to share with the major, who is a strong advocate of the maritime industry.

Post & Co is an independent partner for the marine liability and logistics insurances for all players in the logistics chain and as one of the few independent P&I specialists, customer centricity is key. The individual ‘made to measure’ approach to each client results in the adequate insurance solutions, outside the standard covers. With offices located in Rotterdam, Seoul, Antwerp and Frankfurt, Post & Co operates on a global scale in the international shipping world, with its headquarters in Rotterdam.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that autonomous shipping will impact the insurance industry”
Roderick Post
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Knowing their clients business is of genuine importance and one of the developments in shipping is the start of artificial intelligence in the maritime industry. Roderick is a board member of Captain AI and therewith sees how quick these innovations become reality.

There’s no doubt in my mind that autonomous shipping will impact the insurance industry” says Roderick Post “With over 75 years of experience in the market we want to stay on the forefront of the latest developments. With our investment in Captain AI we have front row seats.”

After pilots with the RPA3, a surveillance vessel of the Rotterdam Port Authority and the Borkum, a pilot boat of Kotug, now Captain AI will partner with Damen Naval for the development of a small patrol vessel, which will perform all kinds of manoeuvres on the water without the need for a helmsman.

It is estimated that more than 75% of maritime claims are the results of human error, therefor these are interesting developments for insurance specialists like Post & Co.

Be bold and proud of this unique community

Post & Co is a founding member of RMSC. Looking at the RMSC now, after a first growth phase, there is still work to do, and Roderick thinks that this should focus on promoting our industry internationally, as our industry is so international. Don’t just look at each other, but dare to take a leap of faith. Be bold and proud of this unique community, and promote it more extensively with all its different sectors. A clear call to action to the RMSC.

The recent webinar with the Singapore Shipping Association is a nice example, says Roderick – you have to connect with the other maritime hubs in the world and show your worth. The business lunch in London should be repeated (as soon as possible Covid-19 allowing), and the Brexit should stay top of mind, as Rotterdam has an important and long standing relationship with London.

The Rotterdam way – Connections

When asked why the company has its presence in Rotterdam, Roderick mentions that it is of utmost importance for companies like Post & Co. to be ‘close to the fire’. Not only being near to the port, but also to other headquarters of businesses operating in the logistics chain, makes this valuable.

Connecting with his clients is of utmost importance – combining the business services with the shipowners (Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners – KVNR) or terminals and logistics operators (via Deltalinqs) should be a major goal for the RMSC, Roderick keeps emphasizing. Networking events are a combination of content and the right people to meet, so people choose what to visit on the basis of these two. This is where we as community can show our value, and it proves the RMSC identity.

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Broader, Roderick shines his light on the business climate of Rotterdam – the vicinity of the port, the completeness of the cluster, and the ‘service infrastructure’ like the accessibility of companies and human capital are of vital importance. Building a network is easily done in Rotterdam. In addition the Rotterdam Maritime Capital network can use this to promote the region as a great place to do business. He even sees a more active role for promotional organisations such as Rotterdam Partners to do so.

Source: Rotterdam Maritime Services Community