Rotterdam is a city with tremendous character. The city is dynamic and ever-changing, just as the Nieuwe Maas (New Meuse) is a powerful symbol of continuous movement.
The city of Rotterdam and its people are never afraid to experiment. In fact, we’re more likely to go looking for it. It’s a city where the 'Make it Happen' mentality can be seen and felt. It boasts parties that go for Rotterdam and give their own interpretation of Rotterdam’s spirit and ‘can do’ mentality, no matter whether they’re residents, visitors, students or business people.


We welcome experiments with open arms in Rotterdam: almost anything’s possible here. We combine statements in architecture, design and urban planning & construction with a sense of intimacy by keeping things on a small scale. There’s an incredible amount of scope for innovation and entrepreneurship here in Rotterdam. We warmly welcome creative spirits who believe in the city’s future and who want to be part of a creative industry. Our Rotterdam ‘thinking in terms of solutions’ mentality ensures that innovations are actually put into production, so that they can serve as inspiring examples to the rest of the world.

There’s plenty of choice for anyone wanting to work in Rotterdam or set up a business in our city, ranging from Weena in the city centre to locations alongside peers in the Port of Rotterdam Industrial Complex. Rotterdam’s business district is an attractive location for international players who are used to similar districts in Amsterdam, London or Frankfurt. Rotterdam offers you a combination of historic buildings, modern office blocks and iconic skyscrapers. The price per square metre is considerably lower than in the rest of Europe.


Rotterdam’s strategic location means that the city is literally connected to the rest of the world. Rotterdam has a total of 620,000 residents with over 170 different nationalities living alongside and with each other, so effectively we have the world on our doorstep. Some of our residents were born here, others came here to build a new future. This wide diversity of desires, ambitions and citizens means that Rotterdam has a great many sub-cultures. You can see this in our art and culture, our nightlife and cuisine, our business community and literally on our streets. Rotterdam’s cultural diversity gives it a unique urban vibe. The city is tough, vivacious, diverse and in a continuous state of development. And that means it’s a city definitely worth seeing. A city where there’s room for everyone.


The people of Rotterdam firmly believe that if you work together, you get ahead. And that’s why we’re working with The Hague to give the region an extra boost. The Rotterdam-The Hague urban conglomeration is a metropolitan region comprising 23 municipalities. Its population of 2.3 million, plus 1.2 million jobs and a 15% contribution to the GNP, means it’s a region that matters. In addition, it has a global character thanks to Greenport West-Holland, Rotterdam Main Port, and The Hague as International City of Peace and Justice. Rotterdam provides international connections through the Main Port, the HSL and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, with Schiphol Airport close by. Thanks to our top-quality European universities and universities of applied sciences, plus a large number of secondary schools providing vocational training in the region, we have present and future knowledge at our fingertips.

The Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolitan Region fully intends to be sustainable and internationally competitive. It intends to become an urban conglomeration that boasts an attractive environment and an infrastructural network interconnecting residential centres, business locations and facilities. That’s the ambition that these 23 municipalities hope to achieve. All these municipalities in the Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolitan Region are working on four projects: innovating connections, innovating the economy, innovating energy and innovating the city and environs. We’re doing this in collaboration with other government bodies, knowledge institutes and the business community.