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Rotterdam is a city for pioneers with unlimited ambition. It always has been. The future of our port, shipping, offshore activities and industry isn’t only vested in pure growth. Most importantly, those who want to succeed in the future will have to be increasingly smarter and more innovative. The city and the port of Rotterdam have joined forces to form an innovation ecosystem in which innovative businesses can flourish and grow. Rotterdam has opted to lead the field in innovative developments such as autonomous navigation, blockchain, circular economy, smart materials and innovative offshore constructions.

Rotterdam is facing a major challenge in the field of computerisation and sustainability. The city and the port are an ideal spot for giving shape to these transitions, simply because there’s so much fossil fuel-based industry here and also because there’s still so much to do in respect of computerisation.

Rotterdam has opted to lead the international field in developing and using innovations. This means we’re working on the future of shipping, among other things. We construct the most innovative ships in the world and devise innovative solutions for e.g. emissions reduction and ballast water purification. These innovations contribute to sustainable and efficient chains and to safety and accessibility for the city and the port complex alike.

Rotterdam has now become a breeding ground for new ideas, start-ups and scale-ups. Cambridge Innovation Centre’s decision to set up its first international branch in Rotterdam is proof positive of this.



Rotterdam is keeping pace with its global peers thanks to hotspots such as our city and our port and industry clusters. We’re giving shape to transitions at a faster rate than our peers, and we’re showing the world that a sustainable economy can be achieved. We’re doing this by focusing on initiatives that contribute towards the transition to a CO2-neutral economy and towards economic innovation. By organising the transition and testing each and every innovation in practice. By sharing knowledge and linking new businesses with existing ones. The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the municipality of Rotterdam are also investing in initiatives that can make a vital contribution towards this sustainable economy.

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200 MW
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maritime tech startups


Rotterdam is Europe’s maritime capital city for the world’s leading enterprises operating in the field of innovations in the maritime sector. This is where efficiency, safety and innovation all join forces. This is where it’s all happening.


Not only is Rotterdam a fantastic city to do business in; it’s a wonderful place to live and work as well. It’s a world-famous international port that attracts businesses and keeps them here. And it’s a city for free spirits and pioneers, for those with the courage to make use of the available scope and really make their dreams come true.

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