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The Port of Rotterdam is the biggest maritime port in Europe. If you opt for Rotterdam, you’re opting for first-rate accessibility from the sea and for smart, reliable and safe road, water and rail connections with the rest of Europe. You’re opting for thousands of connections with other maritime and inland ports. Rotterdam is the home port for go-getters. It’s the place where you do business with entrepreneurs, professionals and innovators who go back for generations and who keep going where others hang back. Rotterdam is the place where people can achieve unlimited ambitions. You can read more about this on the Port of Rotterdam Authority website.

Rotterdam gives you access to 500 million European consumers within 24 hours. Our international network and cooperative relations with other global hubs such as the Port of Singapore mean that Rotterdam is your stepping-stone to the rest of the world. The Port of Rotterdam is the deepest maritime port in the whole of Europe. It’s accessible 24 hours a day, and there are no restrictions caused by the tides. The port employs 180,000 highly-qualified specialised experts. It has a 3.3% share in the GNP and is therefore one of the three driving forces behind the Dutch economy.



The port infrastructure at Rotterdam is fully organised to suit you as a user. You can find all the partners you need in no time at all, to ensure that your business proceeds smoothly and successfully. The intensive collaboration among shippers, logistics service providers, transport support services, international partners and the Port of Rotterdam Authority makes this port unique. We’re ready and willing to help you 24/7. At the same time, we’re developing Rotterdam into the smartest, most efficient and most sustainable port in the world. Rotterdam is the Gateway to Europe and the stepping-stone to the whole world.

467.4 million tons
transhipment goods
deep-sea ships
million containers


Rotterdam is Europe’s maritime capital city for the world’s leading enterprises operating in the fields of transport, logistics and logistics support services. This is where efficiency, safety and innovation all join forces. This is where it’s all happening.


Not only is Rotterdam a fantastic city to do business in; it’s a wonderful place to live and work as well. It’s a world-famous international port that attracts businesses and keeps them here. And it’s a city for free spirits and pioneers, for those with the courage to make use of the available scope and really make their dreams come true.

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Joost Eenhuizen
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Marianne Monster
Business Manager Maritieme industrie & dienstverlening (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam)

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