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Rotterdam. Maritime Capital of Europe.

Rotterdam has always held tremendous attraction for pioneers and market leaders in the maritime industry. Due to its location on the North Sea, and surrounded by three rivers, this city has maritime knowledge and expertise in its blood. Together with the Drecht Cities, all kinds of maritime technology and solutions that did not previously exist have been developed here throughout the centuries. Rotterdam is the hub of Europe in respect of energy and industry. It is a city with infinite ambition that attracts businesses and keeps them here.

Its maritime industry is flourishing thanks to its top-quality port infrastructure. This world-famous port boasts leading maritime commercial service providers, shipbuilders and offshore companies. It has access to the very best talent and it has its own innovative ecosystem. Rotterdam is the Gateway to Europe and the stepping-stone to the whole world.


City life

Rotterdam is a city with tremendous character. The city is dynamic and ever-changing, just as the Nieuwe Maas (New Meuse) is a powerful symbol of continuous movement. The city of Rotterdam and its people are never afraid to experiment. In fact, we’re more likely to go looking for it. It’s a city where the Make it Happen mentality can be seen and felt. It boasts parties that go for Rotterdam and give their own interpretation of Rotterdam’s spirit and ‘can do’ mentality, no matter whether they’re residents, visitors, students or business people.

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Talent & education

Rotterdam, a great place to do business and a great place to live. This city is alive with energy and attracts people and talent from across the world. It’s a city for free spirits in search of new impulses and with great ideas.

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Where will you be working in ten years’ time? And in five years’ time? And in three months’ time? You might well be working in Europe’s Maritime Capital City! Rotterdam’s ambition is to ensure that our city and port develop into the best and the most sustainable in the world.

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