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The entire transport sector on screen at the touch of a button

Rotterdam's transport sector has made huge progress in digitising its processes. In the near future, it will be possible to visualise global traffic flows at the touch of a button.

It is just a matter of time before logistics service providers and freight forwarders will be able to capitalise on this new competitive advantage. The door is wide open for investors and developers who believe in the near limitless benefits of digital solutions.

Greater sustainability and a decisive competitive advantage

Digitising the transport sector is not an end in itself. The focus in Rotterdam lies on greater sustainability and more efficient use of all the modes of transport. With the help of applications that predict the departure and arrival times of cargoes to the nearest minute. Information that helps skippers to choose the ideal sailing speed to reduce fuel consumption and minimise the time spent waiting to dock in the port of Rotterdam.

Information that allows freight forwarders to control inventories more precisely, shipping companies to transport more goods with fewer ships, and ports to store and transship more goods and fuels without expanding their capacity. In Rotterdam, digitisation has multiple benefits.

Development and implementation hub

The port of Rotterdam is huge, the volumes are large and the logistics flows from, to and through Rotterdam are extremely complex. This complexity makes this region the ideal place to develop, test and ultimately implement digital solutions. And also, the ideal place for global players who want to start digitizing their business.

Because the competitive advantages you achieve and knowledge you gain here can also be used elsewhere. This represents an attractive opportunity for developers who want to roll out their digital solutions worldwide. An opportunity for value chain partners to establish a position of leadership in their sector.

Implementing smart shipping starts here

Lecture hall Credit: Chris Gorzeman

Progress through collaboration

Rotterdam has targeted growth and everybody knows that you can only achieve growth through collaboration. Collaboration between players who are prepared to share data with each other.

With value chain partners who jointly develop standards together and integrate their processes. And by involving new players; i.e. designers and developers of digital infrastructures and digital platforms.

Smartest port in the world

Rotterdam will remain the largest port in Europe. And the smartest port in the world. In the coming years, the region will continue to invest in order to build the fastest and most sustainable connections to the European hinterland and to the rest of the world. Are you a believer in the near limitless benefits of digitisation? Put your idea into practice in Rotterdam.