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Energy Transition


Those who want to lead the energy transition need to be in Rotterdam. The city, port and region have defined a clear goal for 2050: a sustainable port and industrial complex.

The energy transition is our springboard for achieving this goal. Enterprising people with innovative ideas will make the difference in determining the future of the Netherlands and Europe. Together with all the players in Rotterdam's maritime ecosystem.

Sustainable port and industrial complex in 2050

A lofty ambition and a complex task. 19% of the total CO2 emissions produced by the Netherlands originate from this region. The national climate goal is to halve CO2 emissions by 2030, Rotterdam’s goal is to realise a sustainable port and industrial complex by 2050.

This is the main challenge of the coming 30 years. For everyone who wants to contribute substantially to making industry and the transport movements to and from Rotterdam more sustainable.

Lab experiment

We have the knowledge and the star players

The presence of a complete network makes Rotterdam's chance of success much higher than elsewhere in Europe. Supply and demand come together here. So it is also clear that true change in the value chain will originate here. By working together in the short term to optimise production processes and use transport modalities more efficiently.

While at the same time initiating our long-term solutions: a new energy generation and supply system and alternative fuels based on renewable materials and hydrogen. We know it can be done technically, but investment is needed to get the ball rolling.

Progress through collaboration

The transition to a sustainable port and industrial complex will succeed if government, industry and science can work together across the full breadth of the maritime cluster. This specifically by deploying the skills of new players to help established companies accelerate the transition to sustainable operations.

This approach will avoid simply replacing existing technology with an updated version. So we are committed to developing new industries and niches that will make the city and region even more attractive in the long term.

Hydrogen powered Watertaxi | Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Gemeente Rotterdam

Closing material chains: just do it!

We increase our chances of success by taking concrete action to implement the energytransition. In Rotterdam, the world lies at the feet of everyone who wants to contribute to achieving our ambition: a carbon-neutral port and industrial complex in 2050. Initiatives such as Carbon Capture Usage & Storage and trials to prove emission-free propulsion systems show just how serious we are.

Claudia Stolk

Claudia Stolk

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