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Wide-ranging and specialised

Rotterdam is the go-to city if you want to do business with professional service providers who specialise in the maritime sector.

You can sit down at the table with them within an hour. These are people who are masters of their profession down to the tiniest details. They know exactly what you need to consider, as a shipowner, freight forwarder or shipbuilder and for whom working with other partners in the value chain is a matter of course.

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Complete offer

Even in a European context, Rotterdam is exceptional when it comes to the provision of maritime business services. This continent’s main transit port is also home to an impressive manufacturing industry. Consequently, a huge diversity and, above all, a comprehensive collection of insurance companies, financiers, (tax) lawyers and operational service providers can be found here. 

And all this within a radius of just 10 kilometres. Professionals find each other at breath-taking speed when necessary, and collaborate in competent partnership because they know that they are part of an intricate chain.

Integrated maritime system

Thanks to their specialist knowledge, they know exactly what you require as an investor, freight forwarder or shipbuilder. Each and every one focuses on his professional area, while operating at the same time within an integrated maritime system. Because they know each other and share the same mentality of getting things done as quickly as possible through collaboration.

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World-class player

Rotterdam is often described as “broad and specialized”. Not only is Rotterdam one of the top 10 global insurance markets, it is the only insurance market, other than the United Kingdom, that operates a co-insurance system. In addition, the District Court of Rotterdam has a specialised Maritime Chamber and arbitration institutes that handle shipping and trade disputes in Dutch, English or German.

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