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innovating offshore developments

When you think of the Netherlands, you think of water. And a reputation that extends far beyond the national borders when it comes to the combination of water and technology.

Hardly surprising then that the Rotterdam region is a true offshore hub. The port, the North Sea, expertise, innovations, infrastructure, services and specialised businesses are all present here. And there is room to experiment and grow.

As we develop a new economy

Just as we build drilling platforms and lay cables on the ocean floor, we now also create huge wind farms in the open sea. Both here and abroad, because Rotterdam's offshore expertise is a popular export product. An industry where we innovate constantly and rub shoulders with the other world leaders. Strong in dredging, decommissioning platforms, building floating structures such as FPSO vessels, creating offshore infrastructure or facilitating major offshore operations at sea.

The knowledge that we have acquired during decades of oil and gas extraction from under the sea and the old infrastructure associated with those activities are now proving extremely useful as we make the transition to a new economy based on renewable energy.

Flying start

Rotterdam has everything it takes to develop further and become the leading offshore hub in the world. The entire value chain of large offshore companies such as Van Oord and Boskalis, suppliers like SIF, a complete and skilled SME sector, start-ups in the maritime industry and all suppliers of business services are present here.

We are just as strong in design & engineering as in research & inspection. Maasvlakte 2 is an ideal test and demonstration location, with space to expand. The North Sea itself is the ideal place for putting innovations into practice rapidly in a region that is fast becoming Offshore Valley.

Offshore Valley

Rotterdam is the birthplace of maritime companies that engage in high tech and innovative offshore developments. Engineers and businesses in the maritime manufacturing industry work on these projects every day. Creating innovations that will accelerate the energy transition. And using knowledge and know-how that dates back decades to tap into new, cleaner markets. This region is one of the most complete and innovative maritime offshore hotspots in the world, and home to respected names such as Jumbo, Damen, Huisman, Mammoet, RH Marine, SBM Offshore, HSM, Gusto and Wärtsilä.

Even so, the region still has many hectares of developed industrial land available for suppliers to the offshore industry that possess knowledge, ideas and an extensive network and that do not hesitate to share those assets with others. To maintain Rotterdam’s place as the offshore hub of the world.

Jorn Douwstra

Jorn Douwstra

Manager International Trade & Investment
Rotterdam Partners

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