SS Rotterdam - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Iris van den Broek

Dare to set ambitious goals, apply novel techniques to produce renewable ocean energy, rethink transport & shipping to reduce drastically energy use, set sails on all ships, develop and choose zero emission power technologies, protect and cherish the environment, while using all available past experience and knowledge from the Offshore sector: this is how we want to create, together, a sustainable future for Oceans, Energy and Shipping. Welcome onboard the BlueWeek 2022.


The BlueForum

The BlueForum is an initiative of MARIN to promote the smart and sustainable use of environment in the maritime sector, from energy to transport. The main objective is to bring together the actors that will enable an efficient implementation of the energy transition. Those actors are the industry, the research institutes and universities, the authorities. In order to reach such goal, we propose a serie of presentations on ongoing innovations and projects and we provide a open platform (the Forum) to pitch new Joint Industry Project (JIP) Initiatives. Those pitches will hopefully allow the start of such collaborative projects, where participants can join force in research & development at pre-competitive level.

Source: Blue Forum