Flying the Dutch flag - A richt heritage, a thriving present and a sustainable future

Members of the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) value the rich heritage of the Dutch maritime sector. Dutch shipowners are specialised in short-sea shipping, offshore (services) as well as workships such as heavy lift, dredgers, tugs and specials.

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The Dutch ship register and flag appeals to both Dutch and international shipowners and ship managers. In 2019 the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement started a campaign to promote the Dutch flag and its accessibility, in order to grow the Dutch fleet.

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This is beneficial to the maritime cluster, economic activity and employment but also for the Dutch position in international organisations such as the IMO. Our innovative maritime sector and drive towards a sustainable industry influences the sector globally and hence the future of our seas.

During the Dutch flag event Marstrat, the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners KVNR and STC will join forces to provide you from different perspectives the benefits of the Dutch ship register and the opportunities we see. Guaranteed a great informative event exclusively for members of the RMSC and KVNR.

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