Lab experiment

The culture of the maritime sector is described as “traditional”. Young professionals do not always feel heard and the established order does not understand why this group mainly wants to focus on innovation and energy transition.

In order to be able to work together better, the young professionals and the established order will discuss how they can accelerate the transition in the maritime sector together. What can “those in charge” learn from the driven, ambitious, 32-hour-a-week working youth? And how can the youngsters learn from the lessons of the “old boys (and girls!)”. What steps did they take when they were at the start of their career?

The event will take place on may 20, 17.00 - 18.30h


  • Presentation ambition of young port talent - Jan van Dinther - Young port talent 2021 and moderator of the event (confirmed)
  • Presentation of the regional maritime agenda, what role the culture of the sector plays and how the retention of talent and Young Professionals are viewed at C-level - Ben Vree - former CEO of APM Terminals and Smit Internationale – (TBC)
  • Presentation CargoSnap and digitization of the sector - Daria Kremenskaia - Business devolpment manager CargoSnap (Confirmed)
  • The innovation broker, how young people enter into dialogue with their management to retain talent for the sector and accelerate the energy transition - Seriena Bal - Director or Ashley Hofmann communications officer Buccaneer Delft (Cooperation confirmed)


If it is possible we will turn this online event into a hybrid at RDMNext.

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