Boosting synergies between the Dutch water and maritime sectors

On 22 June 2023, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and Nederland Maritiem Land (NML, The Dutch Maritime Network) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration between the Dutch water and maritime sectors relating to the Topsector Water and Maritime. This MoU is the starting point for boosting synergies between the water and maritime sectors. Stronger coherence between these two subdomains will positively impact joint positioning through the Topsector. Under this new collaboration, the sectors’ activities will promote Dutch excellence, making connections between the yearly Water Export Index (WEX) and Maritime Monitor reports, as well as investing in supporting sectors’ initiatives.

Enhance cooperation within the wider water sector

Current societal and environmental challenges such as strong urbanisation, population growth, and climate change are exacerbating water and maritime issues globally. The Netherlands is strong in finding innovative and sustainable solutions for complex water and maritime challenges, particularly in the water, delta, and maritime technology sub-sectors. The Topsector Water and Maritime (TSWM) strives to help solve global water and maritime challenges and increase prosperity worldwide. To achieve this, TSWM is pushing for innovation and development in these three sub-sectors, strengthening its international positioning, and capitalising on the opportunities that arise.

Caroline Bäcker, NWP Director and Chair of the Board is excited about the new collaboration. “NWP and TSWM have enjoyed a long and stable relationship. We have managed its international division secretariat for several years and are also partners of TSWM’s TKI Water Technology cluster. This MoU with NML is a natural and important step in our further collaboration. I trust that by working hand in hand with NML, we can enhance coordination and cooperation within the wider water sector, and thus improve the service to the sector, now and in the future.”

Verena Ohms, NML Board Secretary shares Bäcker’s enthusiasm and is pleased with the collaboration. “The maritime sector is of great strategic importance to the Netherlands. In times of increasing geopolitical tensions, a strong maritime sector is crucial for our energy supply, transport, and maritime security. It is also vital for adapting to rising sea levels as a consequence of climate change. At NML we believe in the power of collaboration to seize opportunities and face challenges together. It, therefore, makes sense to explore with NWP how we can further strengthen the Topsector Water and Maritime.”

Source: Home - Nederland Maritiem Land
Photo: © Irene Hoekstra