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Rotterdam is Europe's leading breakbulk hub. Among other factors, this is due to the city's strategic location, innovative port with technical capabilities, and extensive network of terminals and service providers. Read more about these factors that constitute Rotterdam's position as breakbulk hub in our whitepaper 'Breakbulk developments & opportunities' at the bottom of this page.

Concerning breakbulk

Breakbulk – or breakbulk cargo – refers to goods that are transported in ships as individual units. In other words, breakbulk goods must each be loaded on a ship separately. This as opposed to goods that can be loaded and transported in containers or in bulk. Examples of breakbulk goods include vehicles, manufacturing equipment, and structural steel.

Rotterdam. Breakbulk capital of Europe

The Rotterdam region is widely regarded as the maritime capital of Europe. But Rotterdam might equally well call itself the breakbulk capital of Europe too! The maritime and industrial ecosystems of the Rotterdam-region – spanning the area of Hoek van Holland to Gorinchem and everything along the Maas and Merwede rivers – have everything to offer that a proper breakbulk hub requires.

Rotterdam's port and surrounding areas contain, operate and manage facilities to handle any type, size or weight of breakbulk and heavy lift cargo. To maintain its competitive advantage, the local Port of Rotterdam Authority constantly invests in adding new facilities and modernising current facilities. This includes both physical facilities (e.g. storage, quaysides and loading devices) as well as maritime services and stimulative regulations.

Below, we highlight 3 major players with relations to the Rotterdam breakbulk industry.

Port of Rotterdam Authority

The breakbulk industry is of major importantance for the port of Rotterdam. The Port of Rotterdam Authority developed 4 scenarios for the development of the breakbulk industry towards 2050. Interested in these scenarios? Listen to Twan Romeijn, Business Manager Breakbulk & Offshore at Port of Rotterdam, discuss them further in the video below.

Holland Shipyards Group

Holland Shipyards Group has been a shipyard for over 40 years, working on a variety of vessels – including those that can carry breakbulk. Watch the video below and hear director Marco Hogenboom elaborate on Holland Shipyards Group's innovative designs and approaches towards smart shipping.


Royal3D is a 3D printing company specialised in producing load bearing prints for the maritime industry. The material used for these prints are 100% recyclable. Hear how Fulko Roos, owner of Royal3D, explain how his company contributes to making the breakbulk industry more sustainable in the video below.

Whitepaper: Breakbulk developments & opportunities

We can imagine that the videos on this page have piqued your interest in the breakbulk-opportunities of Rotterdam. After all, who wouldn't want to do business in the maritime capital of Europe?

The whitepaper below elaborates further on the topics discussed in the videos and provides more information on doing breakbulk business in Rotterdam.

So, if you are active in the breakbulk industry (or related branches within the maritime sector), fill out the form and download our whitepaper below to browse through the endless possibilities that Rotterdam has to offer!