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Jan-Willem Muller, Head of Recycling at COUNT Energy Trading explains the importance of a circular economy in commodity and what this implies for the trader of the future. Commodity markets and supply chains will become less linear an more circular in which waste will become a commodity in its own right.

That requires a new mindset and a different way of working that puts sustainability at core of services. Jan-Willem Muller of COUNT Energy Trading explains his passion for trade en why Rotterdam is well positioned to lead this transition.

Sustainable transition in commodity trade

We are in the transition from a linear towards a circular economy. In this transition commodities will be re-used and waste will become a commodity. According to Muller, we don’t have a plastics problem but a waste problem. By collecting the wastes and recycling them into feedstock, we contribute to solving the problem. Rotterdam has a good starting position to become leading in this transition. The petrochemical complex brings together all the flows, and the infrastructure in in place.

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COUNT Energy Trading

COUNT Energy Trading, located at the Waalhaven is a trading company specialised in energy and renewables. A market which is developing fast. COUNT invests in recycling technology. It implies that they put sustainability at the core of their services. That requires a new way of thinking and that is why they recruit young talent that will help them to make sustainability at the core of their services. Muller: “Contributing to a world without waste, starting in Rotterdam, is what defines my passion for trade.”

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Commodity Trading Hub Rotterdam

Because irrespective of whether it concerns our supply of energy, metals and minerals, or our food, raw materials and ‘commodities’ - they are all essential in our daily lives, without us ever realising. These commodities are traded all over the world. The value is estimated at 5 trillion dollars a year. Rotterdam, as Maritime Capital of Europe plays an important role in this.

The commodity traders are the essential spiders in the web. They make sure these commodities are delivered to the right place, at the right time and in the right form and they cover the complex risks for their customers.

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