Nellie Bly - Damen - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Sea Machine Robotics

On August 31 Damen announced the sale of the second of the Damen Stan Tugs 1004 to Sea Machines Robotics from Hamburg, Germany. Sea Machines Robotics cooperated with Damen Shipyards Group in their endeavours to convert and operate a fully autonomous demo vessel on very short notice.

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September 30 marked the start of the Machine Odyssey, an epic voyage to circumnavigate Denmark with a commercial vessel commanded by marine officers seated in the United States. Celebrated as the world’s first 1,000 NM autonomous voyage, the trip began with Sea Machines’ SM300-equipped, autonomous vessel Nellie Bly (designed and built by Damen Shipyards of the Netherlands) departing Hamburg, Germany for a voyage that circumnavigates Denmark and back.

Along the way, Nellie Bly, a Damen Stan Tug, will make stops at more than a dozen ports, with scheduled events and SM300 demonstrations planned for Hamburg, Copenhagen and Esbjerg. Though fully autonomous, the vessel will be crewed with Sea Machines mariners, who will be supported by a remote team that will command and control the Nellie Bly from a shoreside station in Boston, Mass.

Source: Sea Machines Robotics