The Netherlands Maritime Tax Regime

The international shipping industry is crucial to the global economy as it carries over 90% of global trade. As the shipping industry is very capital-intensive, the Netherlands supports this industry by providing favourable tax facilities for shipping industry. Dutch, and especially Rotterdam tax advisors have a great deal of experience in international tax planning.

Therefore, the Dutch favourable tonnage tax regime is another important reason why shipping companies have a presence in the Netherlands. To keep supporting the shipping industry the Netherlands intends to exempt certain income from international shipping and ancillary activities.

Maritime Tax Consultancy in Rotterdam

Maritime tax consultancy plays an important role in the maritime sector. As a result of the excellent education in tax law and tax economics at Dutch universities, the quality of tax advisors is recognized internationally. There are numerous firms like C&B More advising on issues related to the maritime sector and international tax planning.

Interested to to get a quick outline the Netherlands maritime tax regime? Click here to download the RMSC Expert Overview.

This Expert Overview is written by Gulsev Yildizturan, associate tax partner at Rotterdam boutique consulting firm C&B More and member of the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC), the network for maritime business services providers in Rotterdam. The company has ample experience in the maritime industry. Gulsev is specialized in International and Dutch Corporate Tax and advises multinational clients on establishing tax efficient structures.

Source: Rotterdam Maritime Services Community for maritime businesses

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