The Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) announced to have welcomed Hienfeld as its 60th member in June. This milestone acknowledges the legitimacy of the RMSC as a well-respected trade association. As well as the promotor of the maritime business services cluster in and around Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Maritime Services Community 60th member

Rotterdam is internationally known for its large port and port industrial complex. The surrounding region is also a leading centre for the maritime industry. The city is home to a large concentration maritime business services providers that facilitate innovation and the success of the maritime industry in general.

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Established in 2015

In order to connect and unite the regional cluster of maritime business services providers and to put the industry itself on the map the RMSC was established in 2015. Since then a broad range of companies, in the areas of consultancy, education, classification, insurance, legal advise and financing have joined  the community.

Promoting Maritime Business Services

Apart from promoting Rotterdam based maritime business services, the RMSC also plays a role in developing expert knowledge in close cooperation with relevant knowledge institutions, governments, and adjacent trade associations. By doing so they play a valuable role in strengthening the entire Dutch maritime cluster.

Source: Rotterdam Maritime Services Community