Rotterdam based start-up Tetrahedron receives investment for innovative crane for new generation wind turbines Credit: Uniiq - Tetrahedon | Woensdag 12 februari 2020 | © Verkijk

The Tetrahedron crane concept comprises adapting and utilising existing jack-up vessels to make them future proof for the next generation offshore wind turbine generators. The investment by, proof-of-concept investment fund UNIIQ, will be used to further develop the innovation. UNIIQ is dedicated to help entrepreneurs bring unique innovations to market faster. The investment was announced by Alderman Van Gils of the municipality of Rotterdam during the PortXL Selection days in Rotterdam.

New generation of wind turbines will grow in size

The coming decades the offshore wind industry will grow tremendously. To meet increasing demands for wind energy, wind turbines will rapidly become bigger and higher. Existing jack-up vessels that are used to install offshore wind turbines probably won’t be able to lift high enough soon. The Tetrahedron concept will help solve this issue by adapting these lifting platform.

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