Goran Gavric - TWTG - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

TWTG is an innovative engineering company that specialises in Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT). They create scalable solutions to improve operations and safety in various industrial settings. This showcase delves a little bit deeper into the company and the benefits they experience from operating out of the Rotterdam region.

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Former classmates John Tillema and Dimer Schaefer founded the research and development agency in 2012. The company grew quickly and is currently serving international markets. TWTG specialises in combining hardware and software solutions to streamline operations, asset management and infrastructure at petrochemical and industrial sites. Their innovative connected devices help to upgrade assets and improve safety.

According to Goran Gavric, CEO since 2017, the company experiences various benefits from residing close to Rotterdam. Being the largest port of Europe with a substantial industrial complex it is the ideal location to create and test innovative industrial grade products. In his words: “Rotterdam is the perfect testing ground. Validation of innovations in Rotterdam creates an internationally recognised and respected track record. This truly helps us to serve the global industry.”

“Validation of innovations in Rotterdam creates an internationally recognised and respected track record.”
Goran Gavric - CEO TWTG
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Next industrial revolution

Industry developments require new ways of managing assets and infrastructure. Utilising digitalisation and artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance, grid asset management, device monitoring and activation are presumed to unleash the next industrial revolution. And this exactly where TWGT makes a difference. The team develops cutting edge solutions that allow data collection to be used for improvements. It is safe to say that TWGT creates unique products for unique markets.

In 2019 VOPAK selected TWTG as preferred I-IoT supplier. Gavric explains: “This cooperation is valuable for our growth. Apart from bringing knowledge, experience, and scale to the table, the partnership also allows us test new products in Rotterdam before they are brought to international markets. Safety rules and regulations are mostly similar around the globe. The Netherlands are known to be somewhat stricter however. I believe this attitude results in a ‘quality mark’ and even strengthens our position. Everyone knows that when innovations work over here, they will work anywhere.”

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Regional innovation climate

Gavric also mentions that the innovative mindset at the Port of Rotterdam is beneficial for the regional innovation climate. He states that awareness at the Port of Rotterdam about the importance of innovation helps to find partners and potential investors more easily. But also strengthens the entire cluster for that matter. Initiatives such as PortXL and an organisation such as Innovation quarter are important to facilitate and induce innovations as well.

Petrochemical industries, tank storage and transhipment are substantial to all major international ports. TWTG is in business to help these industries to operate in smarter and safer ways. Digitalisation has already changed many markets. Due to the characteristics of industrial settings it takes them more time to fully adapt and benefit from this trend. But opportunities are immense. Digitalisation can support and facilitate commodity trade and transhipment for example.

Gavric states that he believes that Rotterdam is on the radar of international young professionals who are looking for opportunities abroad. Many have found their way towards TWTG already. Within the company there is a good mix of Dutch and foreign employees.  According to Gavric there isn’t a place to be found where things are organised as well as they are over here. “Rotterdam is a vibrant metropole, has excellent facilities and an open culture towards expats. The city is constantly developing and it is a fun city to live in.” Gavric explains. He believes that this has a positive effect on the innovation climate.

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