Young Maritime Board - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

The City of Rotterdam welcomes Nicholas Serritslev as newest member to the Young Maritime Board. As the successor of Charles Sassen he represents the interests of YoungShip Rotterdam. With his contribution he will help to prepare the regional maritime cluster towards the future.

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The Young Maritime Board delivers independent advice about relevant topics, among other things to attract and retain talented young professionals for the maritime industry in Rotterdam and surrounding business regions.

Danish born Nicholas Serritslev has been living in Rotterdam since 2019 and is currently employed by MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company. Since his arrival in Rotterdam he is involved with the Rotterdam chapter of YoungShip International. A thriving network organisation for young professionals in the global maritime industry. Currently the initiative comprises a network of 32 leading port cities.

“I am delighted to be able to represent the interests of our members in the Young Maritime Board.”
NIcholas Serritslev
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The City of Rotterdam launched the Young Maritime Board last year to get better understanding of what drives young professionals and what their needs are. Taking the perspectives of young professionals into account, provides valuable insights to make the regional maritime cluster future proof. In addition, the City of Rotterdam is interested in the views that this generation has on innovation and new ways of working. And the contribution of these topics to attract and retain talent.

The Young Maritime Board acts as an independent advisory body to the City of Rotterdam, the Drecht Cities, and the Province of Zuid-Holland.

Nicholas Serritslev: “I am delighted to be able to represent the interests of our members in the Young Maritime Board. This autumn YoungShip Rotterdam will host the annual international conference of our mother organisation. Participation in the Young Maritime Board provides opportunities to bounce ideas with fellow board members to make sure we put Rotterdam on the map. Previously we have worked with the other Rotterdam based young organisations on various events. Always a pleasure, resulting in high quality events. I look forward to working even closer with them.

Together with the other members of the Young Maritime Board Nicholas will make a collective contribution to the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe programme.