Erasmusbrug - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Iris van den Broek

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Are you considering starting or expanding your business in Rotterdam? Then reach out to Rotterdam Partners, the official Foreign Direct Investment Agency of Rotterdam. Our International Trade & Investment team is happy to support you and connect you to relevant networks and service providers, free of charge, independently, objectively and efficiently.

Setting up a business or expanding to the maritime capital of Europe

Thinking about setting up a business or expanding your business in Rotterdam? Or about internationalisation of your business? In Rotterdam, you will find the expertise, experience, and skills you need to make it happen. Rotterdam Partners International Trade & Investment will support you and make life easier for you. We are here to help you during the various steps of the process.

“Rotterdam is the perfect gateway to our other European locations.”
René Doff - Thomas Miller

Why Rotterdam

Looking for the next strategic location to expand your international operations? With world-leading clusters, a strategic location at the heart of the European market and an excellent business climate that fosters innovation, Rotterdam is the right choice for the future. Setting up and doing business in Rotterdam is easy and Rotterdam Partners will guide you every step of the way.

Learn why Thomas Miller believes conditions in Rotterdam are enviable
“We are delighted to facilitate and support companies who are considering to do business from the maritime capital of Europe.”
Jorn Douwstra - Rotterdam Partners

Rotterdam Partners

We do so independently, professionally and free of charge. We know the city like no one else, and have a vast network across the (inter)national business community. This makes us your ideal gateway to Rotterdam and means that you can be rest assured that the advice we give will be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Interested in discussing opportunities? If so, contact our team at:

Jorn Douwstra

Jorn Douwstra

Manager International Trade & Investment
Rotterdam Partners

+31 (0)10 790 01 40