Rotterdam, the perfect home for maritime business services providers

Are you a maritime business services provider looking to do business from a base on the European mainland? Would you like to reap the benefits of a well-connected and cooperative cluster of like-minded maritime entrepreneurs? If so, then the Rotterdam region is just the place for you.

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Jorn Douwstra of Rotterdam Partners has already helped many companies find their way to the maritime capital of Europe. Learn more about what Rotterdam has to offer and how Rotterdam Partners can smooth the transition.

The Rotterdam region has one of the most complete and innovative maritime clusters in the world, with an impeccable track record, having earned its stripes in the global maritime industry. For centuries, Rotterdam has been a key player in Europe’s maritime ecosystem and nurtured the perfect home for maritime business services providers.

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Bold vision towards collaboration

Douwstra is keen to emphasise the bold vision that the Rotterdam-based cluster of maritime business services has adopted towards collaboration. “Companies are working together with an open mindset to create and deliver new business solutions. This is achieved by means of a hands-on mentality and a drive to look beyond the horizon, in the constant pursuit of innovative projects and ideas and, more importantly, analysing what their role might be in helping realise such projects,” explains Douwstra. “For example, financial solutions or how risks might be mitigated in order to facilitate success.”

“Companies are working together with an open mindset to create and deliver new business solutions.”
Jorn Douwstra - Rotterdam Partners
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Favourable conditions

Apart from its modern infrastructure, the city has many other assets that bring about favourable conditions for maritime business services providers. For example, as far as maritime matters are concerned, the district court in Rotterdam has exclusive jurisdiction for cases involving maritime and transport law, and the Netherlands is known to have cooperative governmental institutions which are particularly knowledgeable and receptive with respect to such issues, including an open attitude towards facilitating business opportunities.

Furthermore, operating from Rotterdam provides easy access to the market. Compared to other countries, the overall costs of doing business are far more competitive, thus adding to the appeal of the Netherlands. “For maritime-related businesses, the Rotterdam area is the most obvious domicile.

As well as having first-class educational institutions and a highly qualified talent pool, the city is increasingly on the radar when it comes to international talent looking to gain experience abroad. This is not only because of its reputation as a vibrant city with an innovative outlook, but also because Rotterdam has a great quality of life. Given the excellent accessibility of the regional airport (Rotterdam-The Hague), travel to and from international clients is quick and easy.

Unique maritime ecosystem

It is safe to say that the collaborative approach of players in the regional cluster of maritime business services, in combination with its unique maritime ecosystem, means that Rotterdam is the perfect place to either relocate to or to open a European subsidiary. Furthermore, the cluster is eager to welcome newcomers and so consolidate its position yet further. “At Rotterdam Partners, our day-to-day work is all about spreading the word about Rotterdam, and more importantly facilitating and supporting companies which are contemplating doing business from the maritime capital of Europe. We are here to help you navigate through this process in an efficient and reliable manner,” explains Douwstra.

Services include assistance in obtaining required licensing, finding suitable office space, increasing exposure and helping introduce businesses to the local network. Douwstra adds: “For maritime business services providers, the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community and the VNAB are always happy to welcome new network partners.

So, if you are a maritime business services provider and considering relocating or opening a subsidiary on the European mainland, Rotterdam has all the right cards to help your business succeed!

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