Rotterdam is the home port of one of the most complete and competitive maritime clusters in the world. The place-to-be for freight forwarders, ship owners, traders, investors and maritime businesses that want to grow, innovate and above all lead the way in digitisation and the energy transition. Because everything is available and nearby in this region, you are always a step ahead of the competition.

Leading from the front

The area between Hook of Holland and the Drecht Cities is home to a complete network of maritime industry and sectors, with Rotterdam as its beating heart. Welcome to Rotterdam, the maritime capital of Europe. Doing business here means operating at the forefront of the new economy. Important themes such as pioneering industrial technologies, digitisation, the energy transition and circularity are not just on the to-do list; they are actively being tackled. Quickly adopting innovations for the entire maritime industry, such as autonomous navigation and emission-free propulsion systems is an absolute requirement. In other words, doing business with or from Rotterdam means entering markets that are relatively new. Markets that we currently still define as niches.

Progress through collaboration

We are and will continue to be the maritime capital of Europe because we seek to connect with each other and collaborate in broad interaction between new and existing players in the maritime industry. Economies of scale and diversity are key considerations and the forces of supply and demand keep us alert. We owe our leading position to the complete network here  and the knowledge that we can make a difference when we pool our resources. Industry, freight forwarders, producers, banks, insurers, transport specialists, traders, shipbuilders in combination with high tech start-ups, specialised education and innovative research centres. And because Rotterdam is a region with entrepreneurial spirit in its DNA, where people rise to challenges, experiment and persevere until they succeed.

Fast and competitive

Collaboration is easy when everything is close by. In Rotterdam, you have immediate one-to-one contact with your customer, supplier or business partner. Agreements are reached quickly, and speed and quality give you a competitive advantage; thanks to keenly calculated prices that make your business a winning contender. Thus completing the circle. The central location in the ARA region, proximity to Amsterdam and Antwerp, and fast connections to Germany and the European hinterland are all extra benefits. This appealing and strategic geographical location is backed up by a generous supply of affordable office space and attractive tax incentives. Furthermore, people like to live and work in this international city with its extensive offer of good housing, culture, architecture, restaurants and nightlife.

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