City of Rotterdam donates telephone cards to seafarers in quarantine

On 25 June, the 'Day of the Seafarer', the City of Rotterdam puts crew members in quarantine extra in the spotlight.

They are still stuck on a ship longer than planned because of corona. They cannot be relieved by colleagues because of the risk of contamination. The City of Rotterdam, which is working to strengthen the maritime cluster under the name Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe, wants to give them a helping hand and therefore distributes telephone cards.

Today, on behalf of alderman port of the municipality of rotterdam, Arjan Van Gil's telephone cards were delivered to the Port Welfare Committee that takes care of the distribution of the telephone cards. Alderman Van Gils wants to give crew members a helping hand with this sympathetic action:

"It's very important to be able to maintain contact with the home front at this difficult time. Especially when you are away from home for such a long time, I hope that the telephone cards will help you to be just a little bit more in touch with the home front."