Hoisting harbor loft

On April 15 Rotterdam’s first sustainable floating villas arrived at their permanent location in the Nassauhaven on the South side of the river Maas. When the city of Rotterdam expanded to the other side of the river around 1890 the Nassauhaven became home to many industrial frontrunners. Today, 125 years later the area is home to sustainable floating villas.

Alderman Bas Kurvers of the municipality of Rotterdam: "The rapid growth of Rotterdam calls for new housing projects. Within the city space is limited. Fortunately the waterways in Rotterdam provide opportunities. I believe that construction of housing on the water has a future.” However, construction on water provide challenges of their own kind at the same time. Especially when it concerns tidal waters like in Rotterdam. Kurvers “We were looking te get first hand experience with floating constructions. Therefore we challenged the market to come up with plans for sustainable floating villas. I am proud of the arrival of the villas in the Nassauhaven. In the future I would like to provide Rotterdam with more housing opportunities on the water."

Highly sustainable

The water level in the Nassauhaven roughly fluctuates 1.5 to 2 meters twice a day. This is no problem for the floating villas. The villas are highly sustainable. They are outfitted with solar panels. Heating is generated via biomass installations, and the houses treat their own wastewater. Which means that there is no need for a connection to the sewage system. Another unique aspect is that banks consider the floating villas to be regular houses and are willing to provide mortgages. All of the villas have been sold and will be finished during the coming weeks. 12 more floating villas will be added this year. Making the Nassauhaven the first floating residential area in Rotterdam. In addition Team Havenloft (the developer) would like to make the use of shared bikes and electric cars possible.

Tidal habitat for plants and wildlife

Last year the shores in the Nassauhaven were adjusted. This creates opportunities to experience tidal changes. The shores provides a natural habitat for plants and wildlife that like such condition. Improving the attractiveness for living in the area even more.

Source: Rotterdam.nl