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How can we shape future growth and development in the light of climate adaptation, energy transition and urbanization? And how can this development contribute to improving the quality of life and natural value in coastal regions? Come to the international symposium 150 jaar Nieuwe Waterweg (150 years New Waterway) and participate in the future!

The symposium is part of a series of events in Rotterdam, celebrating the 150th birthday of the New Waterway, the intervention engineer Pieter Caland realized 150 years ago. His quest to transform delta into a shipping channel led to digging a waterway through the dunes of Hoek van Holland. As a result, Rotterdam has grown into a modern delta metropolis that is connected to Europe and the rest of the world. That was 150 years ago. Now we face new challenges. Challenges we like to tackle during the three-day symposium on the history and future of the New Waterway the LDE PortCity- Futures Centre organizes in the Netherlands.


The symposium will take place on board of the ss Rotterdam. Speakers from (international) universities and other experts discuss man-made interventions in river mouths in favor of shipping traffic and port development and with large impacts on environmental and spatial aspects. You are involved in interesting topics such as the challenges and implications for water management, spatial planning and design, and how public support can be obtained. Multiple free pre-events will take place to set up the stage for the symposium.