Rijnhaven - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

The Sustainable Energy Council are pleased to announce the Summit Programme for the 2nd World Hydrogen Summit taking place virtually on 9-11 March 2021.

Learn more about hydrogen in the maritime capital of Europe.

Gathering Energy Ministers, government representatives and the world’s experts in hydrogen production, technology and applications, the Summit is the ideal platform to exchange insights, establish cross-sector partnerships and secure new deals to drive the industry forward.

This year’s Summit Programme shifts the conversation from “why” to “how“, ensuring we maximise the current momentum, accelerating knowledge transfer to increase international hydrogen deployment in line with our set climate targets.

View the Summit Programme and join us in March to connect with the global hydrogen community, grasp the latest opportunities and align your company with the very best of industry benchmarks.

Are you interested in attending the online Summit? As a member of our Rotterdam Maritime Capital community we are pleased to offer you a 20% discount. To register with discount you can book online with the code 'City20Rotterdam' or contact the organisers: Hydrogen@sustainableenergycouncil.com.

Photo: Iris van den Broek

Source: World Hydrogen Summit